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All About Wallabout: March 2017 Update

It’s just one more month until our first meeting of the 67th Wallabout Bay Scout group! We have been extending invitations to parents with confirmed volunteer roles to date, to ensure we get the full labour force needed to run the group. Here’s a quick update on where we are:

– Our Otter section is full. We have had enough parents volunteer for roles as Raft Leaders, den parents, camp helpers and other critical roles to fill the group completely.
– There are still about 10 spaces in Timberwolves. These are being allocated to parents who take on the open volunteer roles for the group (or suggest new ones they wish to create! We are open to parents creating roles that suit their experience and strengths)
– Pathfinders have lots of space available for Scouts in grades 6 and up. Our Pathfinder program is an especially great opportunity for girls, as we have a gender-equal program that teaches Scouts advanced outdoor skills.
– Chipmunks is being offered to both younger siblings of other Scouts, and as a stand alone for pre-K children expecting to be Otters in the fall. (Typically this unofficial section is only open for younger siblings but we have made an exception for what we call “ChipOtters” this season only)

If you have a confirmed volunteer role, you should have received the link to register. Please feel free to reach out to me at groupscoutmaster (at) 5thbrooklynscouts (dot) org if not. Please also let me know if you have a suggestion for a volunteer role that you would like to take on, whether it’s as an individual, as a family or as a set of parents. As a community organization, we are always evolving the involvement from our families.

We are super excited to get this new group off the ground and hope it will be the first of many new groups in Brooklyn and beyond!

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