The Rover program, for any adults over 18 is based on the "patrol system" also, many of Brooklyn Scout Troops Leaders are also Rovers, and the fun and adventure will make them better leaders. Others join simply to be a Scout, and that’s fine, too. Based on a traditional scouting structure that encourages scout self-reliance, self-governance, cooperation, and leadership. Rovers get to play the same game of Scouting that kids get to do. Rover-only camping, hiking and training camps. We learn any manner of outdoor skills, including pioneering, signaling, astronomy, and animal tracking, to name a few. We also render service to the community at large via projects designed by the Rovers themselves. 

Rovering is based on a knighthood theme. Baden-Powell saw Scouts as modern-day knights who lived by their honor and thought of others before themselves. In BPSA, a Rover is known as a Squire upon admission to the Crew. A new Rover, however, must pass certain tests in order to become properly received as a Squire. After a set period, when a Squire has demonstrated a willingness to live by the ideals of Scouting, they earn full membership in the Crew by being invested as a Rover Scout. The Rover Scout is dubbed as a Rover Knight in a ceremony before their Crew. There is an advancement program open to invested Rover Knights, in which one can earn the badges and shoulder boards. However, Rovering is meant to be a lifelong activity, a lifestyle as much as it is a sisterhood/brotherhood. The current program is based upon Robert Baden-Powell‘s book, Scouting for Boys.


Rover Uniform

  • Hat:Four dents campaign hat in Sudan (brown) or Khaki (green), flat brim, leather band around crown, with strap or lace. A green beret is also permitted with appropriate metal pin or patch on front.
  • Shirt: Safari/Bush-style long-sleeve work shirt in dark green (forest or spruce) with two front pockets (flap w/ buttons) and shoulder epaulets
  • Pants: Either long-style cargo pants or shorts of an approved color: dark blue, khaki, green or gray
  • Necker: Forest Green square neckerchief, worn with a ring or slide (“woggle”) at the throat.
  • Belt: Brown leather or webbed style.
  • Stockings: Any plain color (green preferred), worn turned down below the knee with a green-
    tabbed garter for Rover Squires or red-tabbed garter for Rover Knights showing on the outside.
  • Staff: Every Scout should be equipped with a natural wood staff, marked in feet and inches (and/or centimeters and meters), to be carried on all appropriate occasions. Rovers may alternately carry a thumbstick.