Brooklyn 5th Scouts is an entirely volunteer run organization lead by fellow parents of scouts in the troop. We are fortunate to have 501c status, a board that communicates with BPSA and oversees general programming and expenses, insurance, etc. Being entirely volunteer based is also how we are able to keep Scouting affordable to all income levels.

The weekly activities, organization of special trips and fundraisers depends on parents involvement. This is not a "drop off" activity, one of th wonderful aspects of this group is that it is a "Family" oriented activity. An opportunity for parents to spend some quality, non media time with their children. While many parents seek out Scouting because they experienced the positive benefits as a child themselves, previous scout or outdoor knowledge is not necessary! We have many adventurous city parents who have never built a tent or fire before, learning side by side their child as they master the outdoors.

Below is a list of positions we are always seeking help, but if you have a special skill, knowledge or talent that you believe could help, please contact Jillian with more details.

Thanks to all the parents, we couldn't be 5th Brooklyn without your involvement and dedication!

Ongoing Roles

QuarterMaster & QuarterMaster Assistant (responsible for all Troop equipment).

GrubMaster & GrubMaster Assistant (responsible for all meal planning + shopping for camping trips)

Inventory Manager (responsible for managing inventory of uniforms, badges and handbooks)

Attendance (manage sign-in, sign-out at every meeting). This position ideally requires 6 people: 2 Otters, 2 Northern Timber wolves, 2 Eastern Timberwolves- one person doing sign-in and another doing sign out.

Section Leaders (lead weekly activities, manage skill achievements). Must attend weekend orientation, training camps

Otter & Timberwolf Parent Den Leaders. 1-2 per each colored den. (Help scouts with activities, keep track of scouts when out and about).

Activity Leaders Minimum of 2 parents per section. (Assist in research, planning and leading special topic activities among all sections. A great way to demonstrate specialize knowledge or skill)

Accounting or Book Keeping (Help manage our 301 status, keep accounts straight and paid on-time)

Legal (Keep counsel regarding contracts and negotiations.)

Website (update content, photos along with regular maintenance. Knowledge of WordPress and basic CSS necessary)

Administrative (manage registration, contact information, permission forms for all sections)

Communications (manage social media accounts, write blog posts, photos and PR requests)

If you have a specific skill or knowledge that you can volunteer, please Contact Us with your suggestion!